November 2021 – New preprint with Waldemar Vollmer, the Dörr Lab and the Boutte Lab; Peptidoglycan recycling contributes to outer membrane integrity and carbapenem tolerance in Acinetobacter baumannii. Check it out here.

November 2021 – UTA news release highlighting Hannah’s work! Check it out here.

October 2021 – New preprint with the Dörr Lab; High-level carbapenem tolerance requires outer membrane modifications. Check it out here.

September 2021 – Arshya joined the lab! Welcome Arshya!

May 2021 – Hana, Richard and Arshya’s graduation! We are sad to see you go, but happy for your new opportunities!


April 2021 – Nowrosh passed her comprehensive exam. Good job Nowrosh!

April 2021 – Richard won a Shimadzu Research Award.  Good work!

April 2021 – Sinjini officially joined the Lab. Welcome Sinjini!

January 2021 – Our new publication in mBio is out ( Good work everyone!

October 2020 – A new collaborative work between the Boll, Castoe and Greenberg labs. Nicely done all! (

July 2020 – Misha and Richard’s Tn-seq methods paper is out! (

May 2020 – Feroz passed his qualifying exam. Good work Feroz!

April 2020 – Katie passed her qualifying exam. Good work Katie!

January 2020 – Nowrosh officially joined the Boll Lab!  Welcome Nowrosh!

June 2019 – The Boll Lab was awarded an NIH R21 to study  multidrug-resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii. Way to go lab!

May 2019 – Misha won the Chad Watkins Memorial Award for Mentorship of Undergraduates. Hana and Victor won Biology and Shimadzu Research Awards.  Well done all!


April 2019 – Misha passed her Qualifying Exam and is now a Ph.D. candidate.  Good work Misha!

March 2019 – Katie and Dusty’s paper is online at Molecular Microbiology!  (

January 2019 — Feroz officially joined the Boll Lab!  Welcome Feroz!

October 2018 – The Boll Lab moved into the  new SEIR building (

September 2018 – Katie is officially a graduate student in the Boll Lab!

April 2018 – The Boll group was awarded a Research Enhancement Program (REP) grant to study new antimicrobial therapeutics!